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My Terristory

Interactive map, 2012

Participatory project born to raise awareness on the extent to which rural and urban areas are being destroyed. It is structured via an interactive map and an open community that reports on places and communities transformed by overbuilding.

Hello l'Aquila

Interactive map, 2014

A virtual tour of L’Aquila that takes the viewer through the streets of the city’s historical centre, five years after the devastating April 2009 earthquake. The more than 400 photos, taken at the beginning of 2014, show how little the city has changed in these years of “reconstruction”. For the moment the map does not include views of the new towns created after the earthquake which are now in dire shape.


Interactive map, 2012

Images by and of Steve McCurry in a virtual walk through the exhibit at the Rome Testaccio Macro Center.

The gun ownership and gun homicides murder map of the world

Interactive map, 2012

Where are they? How frequently do they get "active"?

Chronologie : une année de répression en Syrie

Interactive map, 2012

Ignited by the Arab Spring, the protest against Bachar Al-Assad's regime has made its voice heard for a year and a half in Syria - colliding with a bloody repression.


Interactive map, 2011

The Genographic Project charts new knowledge about the migratory history of the human species by using laboratory and computer analysis of DNA. Besides the project guidelines, this site offers an Atlas of Human Journey and an Atlas of Human History, both of general interest.


Interactive map, 2011

Transparency International publishes its corruption perceptions index 2011.

Public Opinion and the Occupy Movement

Interactive map, 2011

Comments by the New York Times readers about the protest movement.

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