Interactive narrative


Interactive narrative, 2013

BLABLA is an interactive narrative that explores the principles of human communication in six chapters. The author's intention is to "create moods and generate emotions", and the narrative depends on the participation of the viewer to succeed. [eb-hj] 


Interactive narrative, 2013

REINVENTION STORIES is an experiment in bringing real-life documentary stories into the potential of an interactive environment. Through residents' personal stories, through stories about places and events in the city, the web site follows the struggles and resurgence of Dayton, Ohio, defined by Forbes Magazine in 2008 as “one of the fastest dying cities in the nation”, and encourages internauts to make contributions, ask and answer questions. [eb-hj]


Interactive narrative, 2012

The Trip tells the story of Jack Torrance and his experience as the film director who participated in one of the greatest mystifications of the 20th century: the landing on the moon.


Jack Torrance recounts “The Project,” which resulted in the film of the landing on the moon in 1969. Was there really a trip to the moon? Or was it staged in a Hollywood studio?

Jack Torrance, you may recall, is also the name of the protagonist in Kubrick's The Shining. [eb-hj]


Interactive narrative, 2012

Enrico Mattei died fifty years ago in a mysterious plane crash. After World War II he was given the task of dismantling the Italian Petroleum Agency Agip; instead Mattei enlarged and reorganized it into the National Fuel Trust, Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi (ENI), which helped break the oligopoly of the 'Seven Sisters' that dominated the mid-20th century oil industry.


Interactive narrative, 2003

Old web-radio-doc with lots of good music and wise words. B.B. King is one of the most important electric guitarists of the last half century, with an impact that long ago transcended the blues and infiltrated rock 'n' roll. Interactive interview with the New York Times, published March 2, 2003.


Interactive narrative, 2011

The Clearstream affair has accompanied finance and politics for a decade, in France and all of Europe. A suspected platform for fiscal evasion and money laundering, the affair involves international banks and arms industries, politicians and secret services. Take part in the investigation and add your facts and hypotheses.

News of the World phone hacking

Interactive narrative, 2011

From August 2006 to August 2011, an interactive timeline by The Guardian traces what was happening and what News International, the police, politicians, Rupert Murdoch and others were saying.


Interactive narrative, 2010-present

The story of how religious faith and the quest for religious liberty has shaped American society and the public life of the country. A 6-hour docu-fiction TV series aired by PBS.
A user-generated Faithbook, accompanied by a timeline from 1598 to 2009 (covering religious liberty, religious marketplace, social reform), and a dozen additional features (including God in the White House), plus 20 interviews - form the interactive content available from the website.

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