Interactive map

BORSELLINO, ultima verità

Interactive map, 2011 publishes the documents which reconstruct how and why judge Paolo Borsellino was killed: a not-Mafia-only crime. The report could have been even more effective by using up-to-date means for interactive editing.


Interactive map, 2011

Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Yahoo: the giants, their troops, their battles.

Interactive guide: inside the British home

Interactive map, 2011

See how domestic spaces evolve from Saxon times to the post-modern era

UK riots: every verified incident

Interactive map, 2011

The Guardian's Data Blog compiles incidents in the UK through a series of interactive maps.

The new Boston Tea Party Museum

Interactive map, 2011

When the new Boston Tea Party Museum opens next year, visitors will feel like they're a part of history — the tour will be immersive right down to the tossing of crates of tea off historically accurate replicas of the three ships that were docked at Griffin's Wharf the night of Nov. 29, 1773.

The nuclear world

Interactive map, 2011

The Financial Times provides an updated interactive map of the locations of the over 700 reactors on Earth, indicating the status of each: operating, under construction, planned, shut down and cancelled.

Operación 'Amanecer de Odisea'

Interactive map, 2011

At, a map of Libyan bases, NATO forces, and a day-by-day diary of events.

Japan’s nuclear emergency

Interactive map, 2011

State of the reactors, a dangerous scenario, extreme measures, evacuation, how dangerous is the radiation, path of the plume.