Serious game


Serious game, 2009

51tree is an online game that allows players to plant and care for virtual trees, in all countries of the world. Besides being fun to play, the game teaches players the importance of forest protection and control of carbon dioxide emissions.
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Serious game, 2010

In Cairo the Zaballeen survive by collecting and recycling over 80% of waste collected. In Garbage Dreams you can play the part of a Zaballeen. Start with a neighbourhood, a factory and a hungry goat: you have 12 months to build your empire, recycling and increasing the proportion of recycled material.

The true story of the Zaballeen is told in the documentary film Garbage Dreams.


Serious game, 2006

In this game you are President of the European nations. The aim is to stop climate change, while seeking to remain popular enough among voters not to lose your job!

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