My Terristory

Interactive map, 2012


Territories transformed by over-construction and cement.

Participatory project born to raise awareness on the extent to which rural and urban areas are being destroyed. It is structured via an interactive map and an open community that reports on places and communities transformed by overbuilding.

project by: Ruggero Pini and Gabriele Veronesi
technical support - Lorenzo Corgnati and Franco Dipietro di Due Monete s.n.c. 
Art direction - Matteo Rostagno and Roshan Farabi 
Front-end development - Matteo Ruffinengo 
Story-editing - Pamela Pelatelli 

Realised by: Provincia di Torino, in partnership with Museo Nazionale del Cinema – Fondazione Maria Adriana Prolo and the Festival CinemAmbiente, the Province of Rieti and FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano (Italian Environmental Fund).
Financed by: Azione ProvincEgiovani, Dipartimento della gioventù della Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri (Youth Department of the Council of Ministers).