La vita è un treno

Webdocumentary, 2014



Abandoned train lines

Abandoned train lines A four-part web series that takes the viewer on a tour of abandoned train lines that cross Italy, from Calabria to the Langhe area, from the Tyrrhenian coast to the Adriatic. Following the rusted railways and deserted stations, the stories highlight the dire consequences of shutting down smaller train lines in favour of long-distance, rapid ones: the loss of a rich heritage, waste of money and resources --- with a rise in road transportation (and pollution) and hardship for travelers --- and for by-passed towns, now forced into anonymity, the destruction of their lifelines into urban areas.

Based on an idea by Antonello Caporale Filming directed by Enzo Monteleone Web graphics by Pierpaolo Balani

Il Fatto Quotidiano

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