Webdocumentary, 2014



Agricultural biodiversity

A journey into biodiversity, in six parts of the world, six different climates, six different agricultural zones: West Africa, Ethiopia, Iran, Russia, Italy, France.
This is an inquiry into the origins of seeds and the importance of genetic biodiversity, to preserve food sovereignty and identity, to ensure autonomy from the international markets, to encourage the sustainable development of natural resources. Moreover, farming based on the use of local seeds prevents recourse to chemical products and damage to the earth.  

Production: Formicablu     
Project of: Elisabetta Tola 
Camera and interviews: Coumbaly Diaw (ACRA), Maede Salimi (Cenesta), Monica Tola, Marco Boscolo and Elisabetta Tola (formicablu)
Web development and adaptation:
Marco Montanari


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