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Webreport, 2013



Eight debates at the EU Parliament

The Brussels Business Online (TBBO) is an interactive and participative platform that allows you to get directly involved in the business of the European Union: each week between 5 February and 5 April 2013 a different controversial issue was debated (bank recapitalisation, transparency register, biofuels, etc.) in the Parliament and among internauts. The website no longer accepts votes and comments, but you can still surf through the site to read and view the content regarding the eight debates held. [eb-hj]

Highly recommended: the linear documentary 


Una coproduzione ARTEKids Up HillNot So CrazyUp CreativeZDF

With support from: the Wallonie-Brussels Federation and the programme "Mobiliser sur le web" by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Martin Stiksel

Winner of BIPS, webdocumentary selection of Sunny Side of the Doc in 2010.
Official selection (in competition) at Power to the Pixel Market, forum Cross-media / webdocumentary, in association with the BFI Film Festival 2011



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