Webdocumentary, 2013


Urban Planning-Society/Sociology-History-Architecture/Design

Paris's ring road 

In 1973 the last stretch of Paris's ring road opened; built to alleviate the capital's heavy traffic, Europe's most congested roadway is used by 1.3 million drivers today. Thanks to the project "Greater Paris", which is forming a metroplex that extends beyond the ring road, the bypass is becoming a new centre of development. Choose your guide, and set off on the ring road of yesterday, today or tomorrow to meet residents, commuters and others who use it. [eb-hj]

France Inter  Direction : Mariel Bluteau, Thibault Lefèvre, Charlotte Piret 
Photography : Philippe Servent
Audio : Gilles Gallinaro 
Idea conceived by : Thibault Lefèvre 

France Inter

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