Documercial, 2013


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The Facebook application creates a digital city based on your profile: driving your new car through a virtual 3D environment, you build your own piece of the world based on your interests, the events in which you participate and your circle of friends on the social network.
You can then view the virtual city you have made on the Chevrolet YouTube channel, under the tab Spark Social City. [eb-hj]

Client: Chevrolet
Agency: Commonwealth
Creatives: Livio Basoli, Lorenzo Picchiotti
Production: MediaMonks
Director: Tom Rijpert
Art Director: Jouke Vuurmans
Animation Supervisor: Aljen Hoekstra 
Lighting/Shading: Okke Voerman 
Animatie: Paulien Bekker, Nanda van Dijk
Modelling: Ivo Diependaal
Rigging: Martijn Grootendorst
Grading: Sander van Wijk
Compositing: Angelo de Wit & Tim van Paassen
Muziek/Sound: Maarten Meussen, Dave van Luttelveld
Met dank aan: Rogier Schalken

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