Chibanis l'éternel exil des travailleurs maghrébins

Long-form article, 2014


Human Rights-Anthropology/Ethnography -Immigration

The solitude of the aging North African workers in France

In the Arabic dialect “chibanis” means “white hair.” This is a long-form article on the immigration of North Africans in France after World War 2 and their dreams, which were born in the boom years and have been transformed in old age, isolation and solitude. “Exiled” from their homeland, forced into invisibility for years, today they seek out friendship and help in a country far and different from their own.

Original idea, writing and production: Assiya Hamza and Anne-Diandra Louarn
Chief editor: Marie Valla
Edition: Gaëlle Le Roux and Cassandre Toussaint


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