Happy World - Birmanie: la dictature de l'absurde / Burma: the dictatorship of the absurd

Webdocumentary, 2011


Human Rights-Politics-Travel

Authoritarian folly

Since 1962 an iron-handed dictatorship has been segregating both opposition and ethnic minorities in Burma. In 2007 the monks' rebellion was crushed in bloodshed. In 2008 when a cyclone devastated the country, the military junta closed the doors to international aid. In 2009 two young unknown reporters ventured into the country and shot this informative, yet irony-filled content, eventually published in June 2011. Anyone in the audience can become a distributor.

Cinquième étage production / Upian
in partnership with, Courrier International, OWNI, Typhon

Author: Tristan Mendès France
Director: Gaël Bordier

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