Serious game, 2006


Human Rights

The game which lets you experience what it is like to be a refugee

In the game players are given the chance to follow a young person along their journey to flee oppression in their homeland and start a new life in a foreign society.
In the web facts, you can read about human rights and international law, as well as individual refugees' stories. You can also watch short films and listen to refugees talk about their personal experiences, such as how they fled, what it was like to come to a new country and having to start a new school or find a job.

Developed by UNHCR´s Regional Office for the Baltic and Nordic countries, and produced with support from Statoil.
Paregos AB has contributed with the concept development, the project management, the graphic design and the programming of the game.
TicTac Interactive AB has contributed in the development of the concept, the manuscript processing and the text editing.
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