ALMA --- Une enfant de la violence

Webdocumentary, 2013

“I was 15 years old when I wanted to join a gang”: this is how Alma begins her story. She narrates her five years in one of Guatemala’s most violent gangs, participating in murders, rapes, extortion and other criminal activity.

Included on the site are four modules that explain the background of the chronic violence and corruption afflicting Guatemala today.

Transmedia mix: webdocumentary, documentary, book, tablet app. [eb-hj]

THE BRUSSELS BUSINESS ONLINE --- Faites entendre votre voix

Webreport, 2013

The Brussels Business Online (TBBO) is an interactive and participative platform that allows you to get directly involved in the business of the European Union: each week between 5 February and 5 April 2013 a different controversial issue was debated (bank recapitalisation, transparency register, biofuels, etc.) in the Parliament and among internauts. The website no longer accepts votes and comments, but you can still surf through the site to read and view the content regarding the eight debates held. [eb-hj]

Highly recommended: the linear documentary 



Webreport, 2013

Ten years after George Bush declared "mission accomplished" in Iraq, what do we really know about the country? What images does the country evoke?

The aim of the webdocumentary (which will be enriched with additional contributions until 1 May 2013) is to provide a more thorough, and less Westernised, vision of Iraq, its rich history, its uncertain future, its people, its arts, the devastating consequences of the war. [hj-eb]


Documercial, 2013

ARTE celebrates the Paris Fashion Week with two special evenings and a new documentary, “Karl Lagerfeld se dessine”. For these special occasions, ARTE has launched a contest on the web, open to all, to be held until 25 March 2013: the internaut, after choosing from one of the five sets featured on the documentary, must complete his or her own drawing within 90 seconds. The best designer, chosen by Karl Lagerfeld and internauts, wins Karl Lagerfeld accessories, among other prizes. [hj-eb]


Media-supported learning, 2012

WebGeol : Geology by enriched, annotated and updated video content. A transmedia, 3-lingual production developing in parallel with the documentary series Voyage of the Continents. A Canadian-French co-production.


Webreport, 2012

Eight foreign journalists in France and their points of view. Just before the French presidential election, the journalists – of different nationalities – tell us how they perceive France and its people. The integration of immigrants, the school system, agriculture, industry... Internauts can follow both the journalists and the thematic paths, and express their own opinions.


Portfolio, 2012

From April 2 to May 5, 2012, Arte collected the dreams of those French to whom the President of the République appeared. The dreamers had to recount their visions on the phone and send a picture of their bedroom. The two authors then translated the wildest dreams, the subconscious world of sleeping electors, into images.


Webdocumentary, 2012

Becoming a parent changes both a man and a woman. Revealed in this webdoc are the carefully guarded thoughts that soon-to-be parents hide from each other.


Portfolio, 2012

From 1950 to 1971, against the backdrop of the housing crisis in France and the war in Algeria, 8 to 10 thousand people, mostly from Algeria and Morocco, inhabited La Folie, the largest and most squalid slum of Nanterre. Taped interviews of the immigrants and slides offer a lasting document of living conditions: a single source of water, no waste collection, no electricity and one address for all – 127, Rue de la Garenne.

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