Pirate fishing

Serious game, 2014

An interactive investigation, in game form, of the lucrative illegal fish trade in Sierra Leone. Through videos and interactive maps the viewer becomes an explorer/ investigator who will conduct an enquiry into the illegal traffic of fishing trawlers and the corruption that lies underneath the business. Sailing on the Atlantic accompanies the four phases of the game.

ALMA --- Une enfant de la violence

Webdocumentary, 2013

“I was 15 years old when I wanted to join a gang”: this is how Alma begins her story. She narrates her five years in one of Guatemala’s most violent gangs, participating in murders, rapes, extortion and other criminal activity.

Included on the site are four modules that explain the background of the chronic violence and corruption afflicting Guatemala today.

Transmedia mix: webdocumentary, documentary, book, tablet app. [eb-hj]

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