Polar Sea 360°

Webdocumentary, 2014

Polar Sea traces the journey of three men through the Arctic Ocean, and the Northwest Passage in particular, from Reykjavik, Iceland, to the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. Sailing in the Dax, the men observe and reflect on the changing climactic conditions in the region and the effects on the territory and the natives.
The ten episodes explain the history of the native Inuits, the local culture, hunting, music, climate problems and scientific research.
The engrossing interactive aspect of the documentary gives the viewer the opportunity to dip into the polar seas and move around at 360° within the video. The narration and the logbook are enhanced with interactive maps and photographs to trace the sailboat's route.


Webdocumentary, 2014

Creative non-violent protest and civil disobedience

An award-winning documentary and cross-media project that informs on and promotes the power of creative resistance and civil disobedience around the globe. Of extensive reach, the work combines film, digital and social media into a multi-faceted hybrid that reflects the diverse non-violent methods used in combatting violent systems of governing. The three-part project consists of a web platform, which brings together all kinds of struggles around the world and shares the creative and non-violent methods and tactics used, via videos, articles, manuals, user comments; a documentary for television and theatrical release, which focuses on activists around the world; and interactive tools. Links to CANVAS, Oxfam, Corporate Europe Observatory, TEDx talks …


Webdocumentary, 2014

Ten historians from 10 countries give a brief history of the first world war through a global lens. Using original news reports, interactive maps and rarely-seen footage, including extraordinary scenes of troops crossing Mesopotamia on camels and Italian soldiers fighting high up in the Alps, the half-hour film explores the war and its effects from many different perspectives.


Interactive narrative, 2013

BLABLA is an interactive narrative that explores the principles of human communication in six chapters. The author's intention is to "create moods and generate emotions", and the narrative depends on the participation of the viewer to succeed. [eb-hj] 

ALMA --- Une enfant de la violence

Webdocumentary, 2013

“I was 15 years old when I wanted to join a gang”: this is how Alma begins her story. She narrates her five years in one of Guatemala’s most violent gangs, participating in murders, rapes, extortion and other criminal activity.

Included on the site are four modules that explain the background of the chronic violence and corruption afflicting Guatemala today.

Transmedia mix: webdocumentary, documentary, book, tablet app. [eb-hj]


Webreport, 2013

One year after the elections of June 2012, a report on the realities of life in the Greek capital still reeling from the crisis.

As an exploration of life in Athens, eight subjects are proposed: commitment, work, family life, daily life, migration, education, religion and art.

A book with the same title has also been published (Inediz in digital and in hard copy, in French and in English.  [eb-hj]

THE BRUSSELS BUSINESS ONLINE --- Faites entendre votre voix

Webreport, 2013

The Brussels Business Online (TBBO) is an interactive and participative platform that allows you to get directly involved in the business of the European Union: each week between 5 February and 5 April 2013 a different controversial issue was debated (bank recapitalisation, transparency register, biofuels, etc.) in the Parliament and among internauts. The website no longer accepts votes and comments, but you can still surf through the site to read and view the content regarding the eight debates held. [eb-hj]

Highly recommended: the linear documentary 



Documercial, 2013

The Facebook application creates a digital city based on your profile: driving your new car through a virtual 3D environment, you build your own piece of the world based on your interests, the events in which you participate and your circle of friends on the social network.
You can then view the virtual city you have made on the Chevrolet YouTube channel, under the tab Spark Social City. [eb-hj]


Serious game, 2012

Tower Builder is a game where the internaut can become a building entrepreneur and construct the second tower of the Cathedral of Strasbourg!

Besides the webdoc, the project includes a film: “Le Défi des bâtisseurs” (the cathedral of Strasbourg in 3D) and an app for mobile devices (AR visits to a number of Gothic architecture sites). [eb-hj]

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