Webdocumentary, 2010

Following the waterway from Lake Superior to the Atlantic Ocean, the film tells the epic story of the Great Lakes: the changes that have taken place in the ecosystems and the lives of 35 million people whose survival depends on them.


Webdocumentary, 2010

"The landscape of the world changes. Modern man now lives a universe of sound that he has never known" - R. Murray Schafer.

"Sound Ecology" is a webdocumentary about the noise each of us has to endure every day; it is an invitation to listen to the silence that we no longer have. Four episodes: La Ville (The City), La Banlieue (The Suburb), La Nature (Nature), Un Ermitage (The Hermitage).


Webdocumentary, 2008

Every Monday, the American filmmaker, Lech Kowalski, working out of Paris, puts a new factual movie online. This site allows you to view and comment on the entire collection, which consists now of 79 films. Research is facilitated by tags. The project was proposed at the European Cinema and Audiovisual Days in 2007.

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