Webreport, 2013

One year after the elections of June 2012, a report on the realities of life in the Greek capital still reeling from the crisis.

As an exploration of life in Athens, eight subjects are proposed: commitment, work, family life, daily life, migration, education, religion and art.

A book with the same title has also been published (Inediz in digital and in hard copy, in French and in English.  [eb-hj]


Webreport, 2011

1 out of 10 people today lives in a slum. In Dhaka, Karachi, Johannesburg, Port-au-Prince, Nairobi, five slums where Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) works, seen through the eyes of photographers working for the Noor agency, described by their inhabitants and by the MSF volunteers.

IN EUROPA (In Europe)

Interactive map, 2009

A media portal dedicated to the most significant events that occurred in Europe in the twentieth century. Fascism in Italy, the war in Yugoslavia, and the disaster at Chernobyl are just some of the interactive reports. The various links lead to more in-depth explanations.

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