From margins to mainstream: the rapid shift in French public opinion

Data visualization, 2015

Numbers cannot explain the Charlie Hebdo tragedy, but they can help provide some of the context and clarity needed to better understand complexity. The figures tell us the story of a France that has changed - and has done so rapidly in a relatively short period of time.


Webdocumentary, 2014

Creative non-violent protest and civil disobedience

An award-winning documentary and cross-media project that informs on and promotes the power of creative resistance and civil disobedience around the globe. Of extensive reach, the work combines film, digital and social media into a multi-faceted hybrid that reflects the diverse non-violent methods used in combatting violent systems of governing. The three-part project consists of a web platform, which brings together all kinds of struggles around the world and shares the creative and non-violent methods and tactics used, via videos, articles, manuals, user comments; a documentary for television and theatrical release, which focuses on activists around the world; and interactive tools. Links to CANVAS, Oxfam, Corporate Europe Observatory, TEDx talks …

qualità della vita 2014

Data visualization, 2014

Italian daily Sole 24 Ore, by using 36 indicators, measures quality of life in the 107 provinces which compose the country. The online data visualisation promotes an ebook gathering the quality of life measurements registered in the last 25 years.

A L’HEURE DE LA PAUSE - L’intimité du travail

Webdocumentary, 2013

A cigarette break or a coffee break, alone or with others, inside or outside the workplace: these precious moments are now threatened by the demand for greater performance and by the stress that invades our daily lives.

Portraits of nine people, from a gastroenterologist to a tattoo artist, offer a reflection on our daily lives and on the changes in the world of work. [eb-hj]


FEMMES ET SCIENCES Regard sur les femmes scientifiques, d'hier et d'aujourdhui

Portfolio, 2013

The relationship between women and science is a topic that TV5MONDE has been concerned about since 2010. 

Ten explanatory texts and video interviews form the panorama of women in science. [eb-hj]


Webreport, 2013

Produced on the occasion of the World Day against the Death Penalty, the report contains interviews with four personalities engaged against the death penalty (Robert Badinter, Jane Birkin, Bruno Podalydès, Richard Sédillot) and a look at the situation in four countries: Lebanon, Benin, Morocco, Mongolia. [eb-hj]


Portfolio, 2013

At the invisible crossroads of faith, land and identity, the Métis photographer Tyler Hagan explores the land and the indigenous people who live near the white chapel, St. Ann's church, on the Similkameen reserve. He confronts the burning conflicts between the Catholic church and the First Nations people, examining the role of religion and spirituality in forming identity.

The viewer can surf among the photos shot in this nature setting while listening to the comments made by the author and some of the protagonists. [hj-eb]


Webdocumentary, 2013

In 1973 the last stretch of Paris's ring road opened; built to alleviate the capital's heavy traffic, Europe's most congested roadway is used by 1.3 million drivers today.

Thanks to the project "Greater Paris", which is forming a metroplex that extends beyond the ring road, the bypass is becoming a new centre of development.

Choose your guide, and set off on the ring road of yesterday, today or tomorrow to meet residents, commuters and others who use it. [eb-hj]


Webdocumentary, 2013

To better understand the transformation that Beijing has undergone from 1985 to today, an urban planner explores seven of the city's emblematic sites, comparing their past and present. [eb-hj]

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