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Top paid civil servants and quango chiefs: an interactive guide

Data visualization, 2011

The Guardian's Data Blog publishes an interactive graphic that shows the costs of civil servants and quasi-non-governmental officers to the UK. Names, wages, organisations.


Data visualization, 2009

A convergence of art, science, technology and society. VideoSphere is a three-dimensional sphere, from the TED talks video archive, showing the relationship between topics relating to technology, entertainment, design.


Data visualization, 2004

An “accumulative” writing space based on the idea that one word linked to two more is more than enough to create narratives, reflections, theories, poetry, or humour.
Technical Requirements: 1024x768 Resolution, Flash Player v6.


Data visualization, 2010

The database of the Natural Science Museum in Barcelona has collected, over 150 years, over 50,000 records relating to different species (mostly molluscs, vertebrates, and arthropods) from all over the world. The information is structured according to the Darwin Standard Bestiary, with a zoomable “treemap” with which you can access the database.

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