Documercial -> 2013


Documercial, 2013

The Facebook application creates a digital city based on your profile: driving your new car through a virtual 3D environment, you build your own piece of the world based on your interests, the events in which you participate and your circle of friends on the social network.
You can then view the virtual city you have made on the Chevrolet YouTube channel, under the tab Spark Social City. [eb-hj]


Documercial, 2013

ARTE celebrates the Paris Fashion Week with two special evenings and a new documentary, “Karl Lagerfeld se dessine”. For these special occasions, ARTE has launched a contest on the web, open to all, to be held until 25 March 2013: the internaut, after choosing from one of the five sets featured on the documentary, must complete his or her own drawing within 90 seconds. The best designer, chosen by Karl Lagerfeld and internauts, wins Karl Lagerfeld accessories, among other prizes. [hj-eb]

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