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2010 – The year in review

Interactive map, 2010

From The Guardian: 2010 was a year of elections, iPads, ash clouds, an oil spill, WikiLeaks, spending cuts and protest. And plenty more in between. Click through the pictures to see how 2010 unfolded day-by-day, or choose a whole month.
Build your own review of the year: add a story per month to create a personalised interactive document to share with others.

Les principaux plans de rigueur en Europe

Interactive map, 2010-present

Interactive map by to get a comparative overview of debt, deficit, interest rates in the eurozone+UK from 2001 to 2010 and learn about each country's guidelines for 2011 (public administration, pensions, unemployment, social services, tax revenues, etc.).

A Map of American Slavery

Interactive map, 2010

From the New York Times, one of the most important maps of the Civil War and one of the most visually striking: the varying concentrations of slaves across the South. Abraham Lincoln loved the map and consulted it often; it even appears in a famous 1864 painting of the president and his cabinet.

Caminhos e memória dos partidos brasileiros

Interactive map, 2010

Along a timeline from 1964 to present, Brazilian political leaders witness the country's history.

US embassy cables: browse the database

Interactive map, 2010

The Guardian's interactive guide to discover what has been revealed in the leak of 250,000 US diplomatic cables. Mouse over the map to find key stories and a selection of original documents by country, subject or people. Click on red dots for latest stories. Search by theme, origin, people.
For a lighter approach to the Wikileaks case, see Cartoon Diplomacy from the New Yorker's website.

Trapped Chilean miners

Interactive map, 2010

After a 69-day ordeal trapped under ground, the miners are being released one by one. This Guardian's graphic explains the operation to bring them out. Inside, on the same subject: other interactive maps by El Paìs and The New York Times.

Reviving Ground Zero

Interactive map, 2010

Reporter David W. Dunlap describes how the new World Trade Center complex is taking shape. The New York Times.


Interactive map, 2010

Updated monthly, the AP Economic Stress Index is a visual guide to the state of the US economy. As things get worse, the score goes up; as things get better, the score goes down. Data accounted by State and County: unemployment, foreclosure, bankruptcy.


Interactive map, 2010

A Guardian interactive map containing a selection of 300 key events, made by the reporting team on the basis of the more than ninety-thousand included in the WikiLeaks database. The complete data behind the interactive map are downloadable.

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