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London walk: Islington's pub theatres - interactive

Interactive map, 2011

The Guardian's online arts editor Andrew Dickson walks us through London's vibrant fringe theatreland - the pub theatres of Islington, where the likes of Hugh Grant and the Mighty Boosh cut their teeth.
This walking tour can be downloaded on to your MP3 player or mobile and used as an audio guide on location along with the map, which you can print out or use on your phone.


Interactive map, 2010

We live in a paradoxical age, when the world has never seemed so accessible: the boundaries even further away can be visited, but remain difficult to understand individually. Have you ever felt like a stranger in a city that has all the traits of your own? Will the insidious effect of globalisation be that though you are connected to the world, you don’t feel at home anywhere?


Interactive map, 2010

The adventures of three young French women travelling in 7 French cities over a month.

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