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Interactive narrative, 2010-present

The story of how religious faith and the quest for religious liberty has shaped American society and the public life of the country. A 6-hour docu-fiction TV series aired by PBS.
A user-generated Faithbook, accompanied by a timeline from 1598 to 2009 (covering religious liberty, religious marketplace, social reform), and a dozen additional features (including God in the White House), plus 20 interviews - form the interactive content available from the website.


Interactive narrative, 2010

Four characters in search of redemption struggle with their past in the “tough” French inner city neighborhood known as the Cité du Lac. One day, someone proposes a robbery. The Addicts series is at the same time fiction and reality.


Interactive narrative, 2010

Director Tommy Pallotta:  “We crafted a multitasking and multi-linear experience and we blended genres like animation, documentary, fiction and interactivity all together in one story. This hybrid approach allows us to look at a serious documentary subject, but also to shift from the usual talking head approach to something that better reflects our time.”
The goal is to attract a different (and younger) audience than traditional documentary viewers.


Interactive narrative, 2010

A detective story by Caryl Férey set in Cape Town. Published by in occasion of the 2010 soccer world cup. To play also on iPhone.

Ça tournait dans ma tête

Interactive narrative, 2010

While preparing the film Ça tourne dans ma tête, the ONF team of Studio Acadie met Blanche Véronique. She had been suffering from depression and bipolar disorder, and subsequently was diagnosed schizophrenic. Nevertheless, Blanche Véronique was able to finish her studies at art school and receive a degree with special mention.
She tells us her story while we turn the pages of one of her sketch-journals.

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