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Measuring hell - Was modern physics born in the Inferno?

Paper/Screen convergence, 2011

In 1588, when Galileo was a 24-year-old unknown, a medical school dropout, he was invited to deliver a couple of lectures on Dante’s “Divine Comedy,” written around 1315. The insights Galileo gleaned from analyzing Dante’s measurements in fact anticipated a vital principle of structural engineering. In applying mathematical models to Dante’s hell, Mount Holyoke College physics professor Mark Peterson argues, Galileo was laying the groundwork for what would become theoretical physics.

451 Via della Letteratura, della Scienza e dell'Arte

Paper/Screen convergence, 2011

Magazine on paper and for multi-platform web 2.0 distribution. Film content available from website and from the YouTube channel 451videoletteratura, or directly from the paper magazine through QR code.
The publication carries on the work of La Rivista dei Libri (The Book Magazine), which closed down in June after a 20-year experience as the Italian edition of The New York Review of Books.

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