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Serious game, 2008

With Oiligarchy, you can become the hero of the oil age: explore and drill around the world, pay off politicians, block alternative energy, and increase dependence on oil. Enjoy it as much as you can before the resources run out.
English version available.


Serious game, 2008

From within this interactive learning environment, students will learn a lot about the economy and can playfully explore the mechanisms that drive the market.


Serious game, 2008

Defence, schools, infrastructure, health care... What do you prefer? Where do you want to spend your tax dollars? How will you raise and use some trillions? Made during an electoral year, the game provides an interactive experience to evaluate candidates.


Serious game, 2008

In Harpooned, you play the role of a scientist grappling with Japanese research on whales in Antarctica. The search proves more "bloody" than expected. Free download for Windows and Mac.


Serious game, 2008

Karma Tycoon simulates the operation of an NGO engaged in social activities, launching campaigns and building structures in different virtual communities in the United States. Registration required.


Serious game, 2008

FloodSim is a serious game that aims to raise awareness about the large number of policies that govern aspects of flood control and policies of the British government to encourage public participation, using a simulation accessible to all.

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