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Serious game, 2012

Tower Builder is a game where the internaut can become a building entrepreneur and construct the second tower of the Cathedral of Strasbourg!

Besides the webdoc, the project includes a film: “Le Défi des bâtisseurs” (the cathedral of Strasbourg in 3D) and an app for mobile devices (AR visits to a number of Gothic architecture sites). [eb-hj]


Serious game, 2009

“Svalbard Global Seed Vault” is the world’s first global seed bank, opened in February 2008 in the Norwegian town of Longyearbyen, deemed to be the safest place on earth. Eventually, 4.5 million seed samples will be stored to ensure the continued existence of biodiversity and fight against hunger and poverty in developing countries.
Serious game, website, documentary, DVD with 93 minutes special features.
Selected for International Green Film Award, Berlinale 2011; Finalist BaKaFORUM Cross-Media Prize for Adult Education.


Serious game, 2008

From within this interactive learning environment, students will learn a lot about the economy and can playfully explore the mechanisms that drive the market.


Serious game, 2009

EnerCities offers a serious game and learning platform for young people to help them experience and understand problems related to energy consumption. The objective is to create and expand virtual cities, tackling the issues of pollution, energy shortages and the use of renewable energy.


Serious game, 2006

In the game players are given the chance to follow a young person along their journey to flee oppression in their homeland and start a new life in a foreign society.
In the web facts, you can read about human rights and international law, as well as individual refugees' stories. You can also watch short films and listen to refugees talk about their personal experiences, such as how they fled, what it was like to come to a new country and having to start a new school or find a job.


Serious game, 2009

Virtonomics is a simulation of corporate management in a world equipped with a complex virtual economy. The main goal is to create a successful business, studying the foundation of business management and getting in touch with other players. It can convert success in the game into real money. Registration is required, but free.


Serious game, 2005

Food Force is a 3D simulation of humanitarian intervention on the virtual island of Sheylan. The player controls a team from the UN World Food Program, and encounters logistical difficulties you face in the delivery of food during a humanitarian crisis.


Serious game, 2006-present

Global Conflicts is a series of educational games used for teaching history. Students can learn about different conflicts through a virtual world, addressing issues of democracy, human rights, globalization, terrorism, and climate and poverty.


Serious game, 2009

This educational game is used as an introduction to music, describing the various professions, instruments, and so on.

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