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Serious game, 2012

A simulation game about the financial influences on political campaigns. Published the day before the US presidential election. An epiphany of deep-seated problems.

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Serious game, 2012

We got the idea for the project because we were frustrated with how propositions are usually covered. It’s not so much that coverage is lacking, it’s more that it tends to be super drab and short of the multimedia storytelling potential of the Interwebs. Self-interested millionaires, corporations, unions, and politicians typically use what was supposed to be a way citizens could create laws for their own benefit.


Serious game, 2012

In an increasingly digital world, political campaigns have new challenges and controversial new tools that help them target specific groups of voters. A public-service game by Frontline-PBS.


Serious game, 2011

The first democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran, Mohammad Mossadegh, nationalized the oil industry in 1951. In 1953, the CIA engineered a coup to bring about his downfall. In this game you are his cat, a witness like no other.


Serious game, 2008

With Oiligarchy, you can become the hero of the oil age: explore and drill around the world, pay off politicians, block alternative energy, and increase dependence on oil. Enjoy it as much as you can before the resources run out.
English version available.


Serious game, 2003

September 12th is a simulation where you cannot win or lose. It has no end and has already begun. The rules are simple, shoot or don’t shoot. It's a simple model that the player can use to explore some aspects of the war against terrorism.
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Serious game, 2008

Defence, schools, infrastructure, health care... What do you prefer? Where do you want to spend your tax dollars? How will you raise and use some trillions? Made during an electoral year, the game provides an interactive experience to evaluate candidates.


Serious game, 2009

The eternal dilemma: to increase tax or decrease services? Exercise on the 2010 NYC budget. A spreadsheet with political considerations for aspirant mayors.

Comprehensive spending review: you make the cuts

Serious game, 2010

"I know you are trying to be educational, but you have fallen into the trap of bottom line thinking" -  This is an observation posted on the Guardian site the 19th of October, just one among hundreds of comments received in a single day in response to a rapid, but not so superficial publication of the comprehensive spending review.
We can play at creating the budget for 2011, by making cuts at the level of ministries or single projects.

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